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A Farmer’s Dilemma:  A magical number of grasshoppers on a field provides the most efficient way to fertilize the soil.  And it is free!  Exceed that magical number and the crops are at risk of disappearing into the bellies of the local ecology.  How can we measure a balance?  Bury your underpants:
Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 10.49.40 AM

The Möbius Strip: 3-D shape with only ONE side? Check out it’s super weird behaviour:

Nitinol Wire: With a memory that rivals an elephant this stuff is ‘straight’ up cool!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a solid, it’s a liquid…..Superman Vs. Oobleck …Supposedly they both can stop a speeding bullet!  At the very least Oobleck makes a great stress ball.


Channelling the most famous rock n’ roll kazoo solo of all time, Jimi Hendrix ‘Crosstown Traffic’, this adventure serenaded the masses using 2 popsicle sticks-3 elastics-2 pieces of paper.
Climbing the petroleum tree never ceases to amaze.  Mixing a little Borax in a petroleum based glue links molecules together and a forms a Non-Newtonian Fluid.  What do yoga pants, sandwich bags, aspirin, contact lenses and white glue have in common?  Click here:

A New Human Organ, Making A Black Hole and the Egg Came First…..but Who Laid It?


Surprise Surprise! Biologists have never been able to account for 20% of our bodily fluids,  or explain how tattoo pigment could last forever within the skin and then KAzAAM!  They stumble upon discovering the largest human organ to explain it all………Enter the Interstitium, what other secrets is it hold?  Click here to discover the wonders of our Interstitium

imagesThe Chicken or the Egg?

In the dictionary Chicken comes first but not in this philosophical dance of determining where the circle starts and where it ends.  But if the egg comes first, who sits on it?  Click here to ruin this debate forever

Some experiments suck and so do Black Holes.  Our simulation of an intense increase in gravitational field did not quite create the ‘Singularity’ we were looking for but it did make for a ‘big bang’ of awesomeness.  Stephen Hawking would have been proud.   Click here to learn about Dr.Hawking’s Legacy

Maple Tree Inspired Helicopter dn20045-1_300


Discovering The Ancient Ozone Therapy with Tesla

An Adventure in Centrifuge

Children’s Whirligig Toy Inspires a Low-Cost Laboratory Test

The Cream Always Rises to the TOP!!!


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 5.18.04 AM

Coolie Bernoulli at Schoolie

Wildfire rainbow Emulsifier


Play Dough Circuitry Circus/ UV Sun Damage Detector/ Civil Serpents/ Maker Spaces



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