HAPPY SNOW DAY!!!!!! I felt like this today:

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Get To Know A Series: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim | Nationals 101
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Warm UP

Complete the text boxes below about the missing bricks:

Question #1

Question #2

Question #3

Your math task:

Gordon just got a new iPad and is going to begin downloading games.  

To play Roblox, it costs $10.00 for the initial download and $4 for each in app purchase.

To play Minecraft, it costs $7.00 for the initial download and $3 for each in app purchase.


SOLID structure, FRAMED structure, SHELL structure

These are the 3 kinds of structures that we will investigate during our science adventures. Can you guess which of the three the building below is?

Correct it is a framed structure. We are starting a project to explore the guts of these structures. Here is a fun structure :

Build a Quinzee snow Shelter illustration instructions.

Would this be consider a solid or a shell structure? Stay tuned for lots of engineering adventures to come!

Black History Month

We will have a focus on celebrating the heritage of African-Canadians this month. Follow the link below and watch this movie. Complete the text box that follows: