Life on Mars?

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Touch down!

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Here is the actual footage of the Mars landing last week:

first image from Perseverance
First Image of MARS
This is the first high-resolution, color image to be sent back by NASA's Perseverance

What are the SCIENCE goals of the Mars exploration program?

Click here to explore the goals:

  • Do you think there is life on MARS?
  • Do you think NASA would keep it a secret?
  • Do you think finding life beyond earth will change your life or perspective?
  • Do you think life on Mars will look like Baby Yoda or Groot?
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Watch this video for an overview of the mission:

What is Perseverance?

Watch this clip of the Mars landing:

What are some of the greatest human achievements in your lifetime? Parents lifetime? Alltime?

Canada’s role:

Watch this clip of the Mars mission:

What is Canada’s role in space exploration? Can we do more?

‘Oh man, look at those cavemen go’