Russell Intermediate’s First Annual:

What is a LIMERICK?

  • a style of poetry (just like hip hop or k-pop are styles of music)
  • has 5 lines (5 sentences)
  • are often silly, funny, ridiculous, nonsensical

Check one out:

Nintendo dev ends the years-long debate, says Toad isn't wearing a hat |  GoNintendo

An ambitious young fellow named Matt
Tried to parachute using his hat.
People below looked so small
But as he started to fall,
They got bigger and bigger and SPLAT!

Record some of your observations about rhyming and syllable patterns in limericks:

Compare your observations above with the whale limerick and youtube limerick below. What similarities do they have?

The Witless Wanderer: A Whale of a Limerick

Way deep in the Ocean there lived a large whale

Who needed binoculars to locate his tale

When it came time to eat

He swallowed his boss Pete

And now he’ll spend the rest of his days in jail

Complete your observations about the patterns in limericks:

Watch the following video on ‘How to write a limerick’:

LIMERICKS are short poems that follow:

  • a rhyming pattern (AABBA)
  • a rhythm (syllable structure)
limerick poem format

Here are some more great resources to help with your limerick writing:

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YOUR TURN! Use the activity below to paint your masterpiece.