Task #11

Watch the video above and look for ways that it effectively sends a message to its audience. Complete the text box below:

Today’s lesson is going to the most crunchiest, exhilarating, and delicious lesson you’ll ever complete online. Once you complete this lesson you will have transported your brain to another level, we will call it brilliance.

Once you reach this level you will notice that everything will taste sweeter, sound cooler, look brighter and seem calmer.

Welcome to our persuasive writing lesson where the object of the game is to convince someone to take a certain action.

Watch the video below and complete the following text box:

This video is a collection of 4 commercials used to help understand elements of persuasive text.

Match the commercial with the technique it used:

Describe a situation where you have had to use your persuasive techniques:

Classify the messages below based on these 4 methods of persuasion :

  • Inclusive Language
  • Repetition
  • Rhetorical Question
  • Call to Action

Translating words into algebraic expression is a key skill in our problem solving toolbox.

Use the

I always say that learning hurts, here are some people that share my pain: