Task #10

Oh, the Places You’ll go with Dr.Seuss.

My favourites are Green Eggs and Ham or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Watch this rendition of another Dr.Seuss classic:

Dr.Seuss’ real name was Ted Geisel. A lot writers have a pen name, a name different than their given name. Research where the name « Dr.Seuss » came from and why he chose to use it.

Three years after writing Horton Hatches the Egg, Dr. Seuss enlisted in World War 2. The army used his skills to tell stories about the war, spread propaganda, make training manuals and entertain the troops. Here is a piece of his work:

What does the word propaganda mean? Where do we see propaganda these days?

Below are three of Ted Geisel’s (Dr.Seuss) political cartoons. Just like writers who work in themes and messages into their work, cartoon artists use their work to express an opinion. Study the following three cartoons and try to determine the common message that all three are trying to capture:

Grammar Police

Good writers check writing for errors because they want their ideas to be understood. You can check your own writing for errors by using the COPS strategy.

When you are writing, you will have to check for: Capitalization, Overall Look, Punctuation and Spelling. This means that you will have to reread your writing at least four times. 

Bonus Tip: When I am writing, I read the words I have written out loud to myself. This is because my ears can hear mistakes which my eyes might not see. 

Rewrite the following paragraph using the COPS editing strategy:

Algebra: When mathematicians ask the numbers to go undercover as the letters of the alphabet.

Use the text boxes following to fill in the blanks below: