Task #10.10

Seeing people do the right thing in dangerous situations is the most persuasive way to influence good decisions. Do you agree?

Watch the following video:

Complete the SMART survey below in the following text box by choosing one bullet for each type of SMART. Organize your answer using a full sentence for each. Example: I am Body Smart, I can handle objects around me with great skill.

Let us take up the parking lot question from last week. It is a challenging question that has a strategy that you will need to master as you climb your math ladders to the stars.

All 20 spaces in my favorite parking lot are filled by vehicles. Some are occupied by Jacob and his two-wheeled motorcycle friends and others by cars. Each space has only one vehicle occupying it. To calm myself, I counted the wheels in the parking lot and there were 66. How many cars and how many motorcycles have invaded my lot?
Show all work and explain how you arrived at your final solution.

Watch the following video a couple times and send me a note with your questions.

Here is another very similar type problem. Use my video above to construct a solution. Record all your work in the text box that follows:

The perimeter of a rectangular field is 240m. If the length is
20 more than the width, what are the dimensions of the field?