Task #5.0

Well, it looks as though we are doing this online ‘thang’ for a little longer, oh the merry merry month of May. Check out this link:


Read the following article about online learning and complete the text box after:




Using math to solve problems is much bigger than just plugging numbers into given formulas.  Over the next couple tasks we are going to discover how to construct strategies and our own formulas to solve problems.

Back to our measurement explorations.  Watch the movie below and use the following text box to make your estimate.  Be sure to explain how you arrived at this estimate:

Complete the problem below using research at home or on the internet and fill in the text box following:


Here we go…….. from AREA to VOLUME!  Watch the video below as we get ready to construct meaning and strategy using VOLUME.  Answer the 3 exponent questions in the following text box:

Complete the following task and show your steps using the text box below:

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 10.30.13 AM

Done for the day!  See you on Wednesday!200w