Task #9

Time to celebrate the vibrant colors of our earth.

Use the following video as a guide to making today’s responses:

Watch the video below and respond to the question of what is the dominant color in nature or on our earth:

Watch this video and respond using the text box below:

Watch the video about Jason McElwain and complete the following text box:

Watch the next video about Jason, 10 years later, and complete the text box following:

We are going to explore integers further. How do they behave when we multiply and divide them?

Here is a situation where multiplying negatives and positives is brought to life:

How can we express this using math: integers and operations

So if you run 10km in 55 minutes, wearing the new controversial shoes would knock off 2 minutes or 53 minutes total. 1 x (-2) = -2.

If you ran 30km, the shoes would help knock off more than 2 minutes. Because there are 3 blocks of 10km in the 30km. The math would look like this: 3x(-2)=(-6). Running a 30 km run in the nike shoes would knock off (minus) 6 minutes on your time.

Here are some rules when it comes multiplying and dividing integers:

Complete the practice questions below:

Complete the maze below and record the path that led you to the finish using the letters and recording them in the following text box. Note: the division signs can be easily mistaken as plus signs. There are NO plus signs used in the maze.

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