Tuesday May the 4th be with you

Testing out a new DIY toy for Gordon:

Carbonite GIF | Gfycat
Time for some Star Trek memes | Fandom

REMEMBER: To make a percent into a fraction just put the percent as the numerator and 100 as the denominator…….tilt your brain below:

Remember: To make fractions into percent you have to change the fraction to a decimal first (wud up wit dat?) like this……………

Your first task, complete the following 3 part worksheet in the text box that follows:

Remember: to go from Decimal to percent we make a double U and fill in the humps with zeros like this ……………

Remember: to make a percent into a decimal we draw the golden arches like this…….



Watch this awesome video to continue our discussion about invasive species in our watersheds:


After the show complete the assignment below in your own words.